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Mitch Goldstrom was born in the abandoned wasteland formerly known as Detroit.  Upon his exodus from the womb, he immediately uttered the phrase “Detroit, Really ?!?!”.  Thus began his lifelong mission to leave Detroit.  After a brutal adolescence, he graduated from Western Michigan University with a B.S. in Computer Science solidifying his inability to get a date.
After college, Mitch worked a few jobs in the auto industry while planning his eventual escape which came to be in 1995 when he moved to Los Angeles.
Mitch had always dreamed of working in the entertainment industry and after a few menial jobs, he landed a gig as Director of Technology at a well funded internet radio startup with a business plan that was roughly equivalent to an image of a man shrugging his shoulders.  While there were some highlights working in the internet radio industry on such online radio stations as,, and, he refined his initial dream to work in the film industry.
Eventually, Mitch made his dream come true and landed a job at Digital Domain, one of the top Visual Effects companies at the time.  A crowning moment in his career was when he was sitting in a meeting in between James Cameron and the late Stan Winston.  Working at Digital Domain was a wake up call for Mitch as he observed what life as a digital artist was really like and the job hunt started again.
Mitch reached out to a former colleague who now worked at Google and after a brutal interview process, starting at Google in 2006 and continued there until 2014.  Mitch is currently very happily employed at Hulu building a brand new SRE team.