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Main Street Favorite Library Alehouse Finally Opens It’s Doors to Female Customers

Plácido Bromingo, Vincent Van Brogh, and Brosé Feliciano enjoying a pint.

Santa Monica CA: The Library Alehouse, known for the wide range of craft beers they used to have when Alex P. Davis was in charge, is now opening its doors to female patrons.  The popular Santa Monica location is frequently referred to as “The Library Male House” by those in the know.

Dudes line up at the bar to stare at their phones

As of Tuesday August 29 2017, passers by have noticed real women sitting at the bar and some of the tables.

The Main Street stalwart, popular with both dudes and bros has employed female staff since it opened in 1995.  Bartender Dani King who suffers from severe ADHD said “Since I started working here ….” and then walked away.

Manager Andrew Ghai is often mistaken for a woman due to a recent mandate that requires him to wear a jaunty apron. Ghai had this to say. “Actually, we have never had a policy about not allowing women here, they just walk by and see a bar full of dudes and keep on going.

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